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What is Compounding?

Pharmacy compounding is a science and also an art; the art of creating specialized medicines for individual patients with a doctor’s prescription. Compounding is the inherent right of the Pharmacy Profession. All Pharmacists learn about compounding while in Pharmacy school; some students find the creativity required to compound exciting, but most do not.

The key word here is creating. A compounded prescription is “made from scratch”, by hand as you would make a special dish in your kitchen following a, recipe. Of course in the professional compounding lab we use a specific formula researched and developed by Professional Compounding Centers of America. As a Member of PCCA we have access to a database of more than 8,000 active proprietary formulas for compounds. These recipes have been pre-tested with PCCA’s fine chemicals and are continuously reviewed and updated. The staff there draws upon a library of more than 800 pharmacy and medical references.

We are a Compounding Only Pharmacy. We prepare only compounded prescriptions. We can customize a manufactured drug by making the following adjustments:


  • changing the strength or dosage
  • combining compatible medicines into one dosage form
  • eliminating irritants such as
  • dyes
  • lactose 
  • sugar
  • alcohol 

We feel that  meets all of the necessary qualifications to warrant your trust when choosing a compounder.

  • We provide ongoing training for our technicians.
  • We have state-of-the art equipment 
  • We use the highest quality chemicals and bases
  • We have the experience and ingenuity necessary to provide the highest quality compounds
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