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As a Grandfather to seven children ranging in ages from 3 to 15, Jerry Marlowe understands the obstacles physicians face when it comes to prescribing the right medicine for kids and adolescents. Children are not just “small people” with health issues; they really do need specialized care. That care is defined as Pediatrics.

Pediatricians often times look to Compounding Pharmacists when their patient’s care requires prescription medicines. Marlowe’s Compounding Center works together with these specialists as they prescribe for their young patient’s illnesses. Communication with the families is vital when it comes to customizing medications to meet those specific needs. As a Grandfather and a compounding pharmacist, Jerry is pleased to have been able to help so many children, their families and doctors throughout the years as an integral partner of their Health Care Team.

Most parents can agree that trying to give their children medicine is no easy task. For kids, the fear of needles, the extreme dislike of the “icky” medicine, or the inability to swallow a pill are all reason to run and hide. It can be exhausting and stressful for both the parents and the child to get them to take the necessary medication needed to get them back outside playing. This is where Marlowe’s can help you.

At Marlowe’s we are able to add flavor to just about any medication, making it more acceptable to a child’s pallet. Another way we are able to help is by compounding drugs into a transdermal gel which is easily absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. A good example of a pediatric topical treatment is a gel we make to control nausea and vomiting. Imagine how much more comforted your toddler will be with you cradling him, gently rubbing the inside of his wrists with a cool gel.

Car sickness is very common among children as well. At Marlowe’s we have created a compound that has made many long distance family car trips more enjoyable. We have also created “Marlowe’s Diaper Cream” for the relief of some of our youngest and most precious patients. Our diaper cream has been considered better than most any diaper rash products sold over the counter.

We delight in the time honored science of Pharmacy Compounding by creating specialized medicines for individual patients from their doctor’s prescription.

Questions pertaining to your medicine can be answered by contacting our compounding center.

“Over the years I’ve worn many crazy hats, but my favorite is that of compounding pharmacist.” -Jerry Marlowe R. Ph.
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