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Hormone Therapy for Women

"Your body is changing, but your life doesn’t have to"

Did you know that more than 30 million American women are menopausal and an additional 20 million more are within a few years of this personal transition? Some women handle the symptoms just fine, but for those who need help, we have the natural solution.

As the number of women seeking hormone replacement therapy has grown, so has the mass production of synthetic pills, patches, and creams by the drug industry. Not all women require the same dose or strength but commercially manufactured products do not account for the unique differences between individuals. Luckily, there is another option; natural hormone therapy designed specifically for your body called Bio-Identical or Human Hormone Therapy. (BHRT)

Many commercially manufactured products not only fail to measure hormones and use physiologic doses, they use synthetic substitutes. These “hormones” are not found in nature, are foreign to the human body, and have been known to cause unwanted side effects.

At Marlowe’s Compounding Center, we feel it makes more sense to use hormones the human body recognizes as its own, not manufactured using pregnant horse urine. We feel strongly that hormone balance is the key to health for men and women in midlife. We also believe that adding depleted hormones past midlife is a proactive approach to disease prevention resulting in a longer, healthier life.

We delight in the time honored science of Pharmacy Compounding by creating specialized medicines for individual patients from their doctor’s prescription.

Questions pertaining to your medicine can be answered by contacting our compounding center.

“Over the years I’ve worn many crazy hats, but my favorite is that of compounding pharmacist.” -Jerry Marlowe R. Ph.
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