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Dr. Jim Karlowicz

Going to the dentist is not usually on the top of most people’s list of things they enjoy doing. Fear of needles, the pain and even the sounds and smells of a dentist’s office are enough to make some want to skip the whole thing.

At Marlowe’s Compounding Center we work with the Dental professional to help their patients overcome these anxieties, making their necessary visit to the office more enjoyable. As compounding specialists, we have created topical therapies for many problems the Dentist may encounter in his or her practice including pain and infection. We can supply compounds for dry mouth, dry socket, bleeding, gingivitis, nausea and of course, pain. Many Dentists use our ever popular Marlowecaine Dental Gel made with 4 different numbing agents prior to their procedures. They find it very effective due to the quick onset of action by 2 active ingredients and the length of action supplied by the remaining active ingredients. We flavor it to their liking, prepare it in the vehicle of their choice and deliver it.

With a prescription order from the practitioner we are able to compound a variety of products that are patient specific. Our special formulas for lip balms to treat viral lesions, washes for oral thrush, and mouth rinses to stop oral bleeding are all especially effective when the patient needs to continue the treatment at home.

Our compounding pharmacists are ready to help you make your next visit to the dentist office a more relaxing experience, not one that makes you wish you had never walked through the door. Ask your Dentist about Marlowe’s Dental Gel.

We delight in the time honored science of Pharmacy Compounding by creating specialized medicines for individual patients from their doctor’s prescription.

Questions pertaining to your medicine can be answered by contacting our compounding center.

“Over the years I’ve worn many crazy hats, but my favorite is that of compounding pharmacist.” -Jerry Marlowe R. Ph.
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