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Adrenal Fatigue - Thyroid Issues


If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, need caffeine to start your day and , feel “run down” you may be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue. If your “run down” feeling is compounded by the fact that stressful situations in your everyday life are almost impossible to handle, you may have Adrenal Fatigue. Thyroid specialist, James L. Wilson, PhD: has named Adrenal Fatigue “the 21st Century Stress Syndrome”.

He believes our modern lifestyles are causing our adrenal glands to be depleted of the hormone Cortisol, especially after midlife. Younger bodies of both men and women secrete hormones from the ovaries and testes but as those bodies age the work is done by the adrenal glands. Gradually the adrenals become the major source of endogenous sex hormone production.

Cortisol, Estrogen, and Testosterone are all hormones essential to health and vitality, and significantly affect total body function. For good health all of the hormones in your body need to work together, be in balance, and be at optimal levels even if they are diminishing as you age. Stress, either physical or emotional, can do great harm to your body and can lead to Adrenal Fatigue. Interestingly enough, Adrenal Fatigue can be a contributing cause to health issues, ranging from allergies to obesity.

Hopefully your physical will order hormone testing and a complete thyroid panel to determine any deficient hormones. Once hormone testing is complete our compounding pharmacist can prepare bio-identical hormones from your doctor’s prescription. That’s the easy part, at least for us. The last and often times most difficult piece of the puzzle to optimal health and hormone balance is managing stress. Our Clinical Pharmacy Consultant, Dr. Jessica Fisher, recommends meditation or concentrating on pleasant memories several times a day. Often times “handiwork” is recommended as a relaxation technique.

Recently, several notable physicians and clinicians have written about Adrenal Fatigue and its effect on the body. Most notably is James L. Wilson, PhD: “Adrenal Fatigue”, Shawn Talbot, PhD: “The Cortisol Connection”, Bruce McEwen: “The End of Stress as We Know It”, and Kenna Stephenson, MD: “Awakening Athena”. We have had the pleasure of meeting several of these professionals during our educational sessions on BHRT.


Hypothyroidism, or low levels of the thyroid hormone attribute to a wide assortment of symptoms ranging from temperature intolerance, fluid retention, headaches, infertility, aching muscles and joints, depression, decreased heart rate, and weight gain, along with many others. The most startling fact about thyroid disease is that more than half of all people who have it are unaware of it.

Most people who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and are being treated by a physician are probably taking a commercially available tablet containing fillers which many people cannot tolerate. Other patients have tried synthetic thyroid hormones and find that while they may work, the medicines are often on back order or simply not available anymore. This is where Marlowe’s Compounding Center comes to the rescue. We are able to compound different forms and strengths of Natural Thyroid. In addition, we can blend T4 and T3 pure powders in a specific ratio by your physician’s prescription. If you believe your symptoms may be due to a Thyroid deficiency, we will supply you with a lab order for your physician to assure the proper testing. Contact us for more information or read the books referenced above under Adrenal Fatigue.

We delight in the time honored science of Pharmacy Compounding by creating specialized medicines for individual patients from their doctor’s prescription.

Questions pertaining to your medicine can be answered by contacting our compounding center.

“Over the years I’ve worn many crazy hats, but my favorite is that of compounding pharmacist.” -Jerry Marlowe R. Ph.
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